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Robbie Myers

Editor-in-Chief, Elle


Robbie Myers is the editor-in-chief of ELLE, the #1 fashion magazine brand in the world, which reaches more than 27 million readers, users, followers, and fans across all mediums, including print, digital, mobile, and social. Since Myers became editor-in-chief, ELLE has experienced unprecedented success – including a 53% increase in readership – while maintaining its reputation for covering fashion, luxury, beauty, culture, and social and political issues from a unique perspective, which is informed by Myers’ commitment to personal style innovation, journalistic integrity, and bold visual storytelling. Under her editorial leadership, ELLE created the largest issue ever published in Hearst’s 128-year-history, in September 2014. It also became the first fashion magazine to: capture an immersive 360-degree virtual reality fashion shoot experience; feature content on the Google Glass app; debut an interactive tablet edition; introduce a social shopping platform; and partner with reality TV show.
Myers joined ELLE as editor-in-chief in May 2000 from Mirabella, where she had been editor-in-chief since April 1998. Mirabella received a National Magazine Award nomination for Essays and Criticism soon after Myers’ appointment. Prior to that, she held senior editorial positions at ELLE, InStyle, and Seventeen, and served as editor-in-chief of Tell, the first joint venture between a television network (NBC) and a magazine company. She started her career at Rolling Stone and worked under Andy Warhol at Interview.



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